Recent Books
(15 August 2018)
Learn to Act documents ten years of the Eco Nomadic School.

PAV Torino published Grow it Yourself, following an exhibition with the same name.

The A_Z Marzona Collection Catalogue has recently been launched by Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin.

In Budapest the Ludwig Muzéum published Common Affairs , featuring the recent Hungarian episode of Myvillages´long term project "I like being a farmer and I would like to stay one".


Rural London Connections
(12 January 2019)
Alongside Wysing Arts Centre, Aberystwyth University and Istanbul Biennial, we are part a working group preparing the conference 'The Rural: Contemporary Art and Spaces of Connection', at the Whitechapel Gallery in London (21/22 June).

Myvillages is also showing a cross-section of our work to date at the Whitechapel Gallery from May onwards, and other rural London acts this spring include Company Drinks at the upcoming Food: Bigger than the Plate exhibition at the V&A Museum, and a new series of Haystacks taking place in rural and less rural settings across town.


(06 February 2019)
Kathrin and Wapke have been editing our latest book and suggest: "If you don’t like monocultures, whether in art or agriculture, you will like this book. 'The Rural' questions and frustrates the current cultural hegemony of the urban and declares the rural a place of and for contemporary cultural production."

Published by Whitechapel Gallery and MIT Press. You can order the book from The Whitechapel Gallery Bookshop here. The European distributor is Thames&Hudson and you can order a copy at your local bookshop.