THE RURAL - Documents of Contemporary Art
(25 February 2020)
Kathrin and Wapke have been editing The Rural and suggest: "If you don’t like monocultures, whether in art or agriculture, you will like this book. The Rural questions and frustrates the current cultural hegemony of the urban ..."
Launched in USA: 25 FEBR 2020 at University of Colorado, Boulder, 28 FEBR Denver Museum of CA and 3 March 2020 at TXTS in San Marco Texas.
Published in 2019 by Whitechapel Gallery and MIT Press. You can order the book here. Distributor is MIT and Thames&Hudson.


(31 July 2020)
We need to keep social distance this Summer and offer some reads.

THE LEARNED PIG with an abstract of "Rural Art is ... "

FIELDS IN FIELDS Interview by Beverly (FiF) with Wapke Feenstra

ART MONTHLY Interview by Ellen Mara De Wachter with Kathrin Boehm on Company Drinks

KABUL MAGAZINE INTERVIEW Productivity and Gazing, written by Elena D`Angelo


Buchen und Eichen treten auf
(18 August 2020)
Hansjörg Küster, Professor of Geobotany, will be a guest in our exhibition at the Kunstverein Springhornhof on 29 August. Together with Antje he will lead us through our pool of rural backdrops - as a history of landscape, but also as a cultural history of our pictures of the rural. 3 pm, followed by plum pie and buckwheat cake.