Foodscape - Arts Maebashi Japan
(20 October 2016)
Rice, eggplants, round pears and red beans, the farmers in Gunma do their daily work on the foot of the vulcano. Wapke made with a new commisioned photo and text-work about the time consuming land-use of six local growers.

Foodscape - Arts Maebashi: 21 October 2016 till 17 January 2017.

Also two older works are part of the Foodscape show; Moving Landscape (2009-11) and Farmers and Ranchers (2012-15).


Celebration and Convention
(21 October 2016)
To celebrate and launch the book and the final episode of International Village Show, we are inviting friends and colleagues to join us for a two day event at the GfZK in Leipzig on the 2nd and 3rd of December 2016.

Expect a beautiful new book designed by Kristina Brusa, a massive Dorfladen in the existing museum shop, new goods from Friesland, drinks at the bar and of course a day of sharing and discussing "where does art go?".


Have a break - get a good book
(20 December 2016)
Happy Christmas and Holidays to all our collaborators, friends, colleagues and partners and we hope to see you again in 2017.

We'll be putting the legs up for a bit and enjoy our new International Village Show book, which can now be ordered at