(01 January 2019)
TENT Rotterdam and Wapke Feenstra present The Rural Side or in Dutch = Boerenzij. This is the nickname of the Southbank of the harbour city of Rotterdam. A year of drawing and sharing knowledge, collecting objects and recalling memories, to find out how a rural mindset is present within urban space, results in an exhibition.

From 11 October 2019 till 12 January 2020.
Dec. events on BOERENZIJ:
13 Dec a TALK in MELLY with Witte de With Art Centre
17 Dec in TENT with Rural Imaginations (UVA)


THE RURAL - Documents of Contemporary Art
(15 November 2019)
Kathrin and Wapke have been editing The Rural and suggest: "If you don’t like monocultures, whether in art or agriculture, you will like this book. The Rural questions and frustrates the current cultural hegemony of the urban ..."

Upcoming launches to attend are: 12 DEC 2019 at De Appel in Amsterdam NL & 25 FEBR 2020 at University of Colorado, Boulder USA

Published by Whitechapel Gallery and MIT Press. You can order the book here. Distributor is MIT and Thames&Hudson.