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Wapke is an artist based in Rotterdam. She grew up on a cattle farm near the village Wjelsryp. This is in Friesland in the North of the Netherlands. Wapke is a founding member of myvillages.org
More info: www.wapke.nl
My head is filled.
02 September 2010








(WE WORK ON A BOOK ABOUT LAND AND CULTURE). This summer we explored the landscape around the village. I had a lot of talks, biked around and looked into archives for prints (17th century till last century) and saw pots and a necklace found in the area (now in the Frisian Museum). Meanwhile Eva van Dam & Lysbeth Feenstra took pictures this summer. Beart Oosterhaven works on more Frisian poems about his horison. Siebe Haven will be involved again. And Froukje Vernamdt and Klaas Abma of Littenseradiel (county with a headquarter in Wommels) shared knowledge about the area. Pietsie Feenstra did her research and wrote first drafts. Out of a braun wooden box my mother showed us a book with old newspaper cuts. So my head contains huge amounts of information and possibilities. (Jap Sam Books will publish the book in 2012).


A book on DORP culture and landscape will be there in 2011
06 January 2010


A rude Englisch comment on this rural landscape was: "That is a cloudscape, not a landscape". This summer living for two mounths in the beloved Lake-District, I observed how mountains hold and catch clouds, this made me longing for free moves.

More movement and holds:
Cooperation with the cheese-storage-museum in Wommels is delayed. The local volunteers have to make the museum ready for the summer 2010 and have no budget for an external project. But as things might go slower in ourvillages and rural surroundings, they still run steady. The earlier described DORP project, my sister Pietsie and I will restart this summer and autumn. We plan to publish a book in spring 2011 based on some of the research already done in 2007. (See entry DORP). The recently received Belvedere-grant is a welcome contribution to revitalise our research and to do the publication.


Horsemilk Produce on the shelf and Wjelsryp on the wall in Neuenkirchen
04 January 2010



Lawson Park Farm - 3 Month-Residency
21 May 2009

The Story of my stay as told by the Grizedale directors Alistair Hudson and Adam Sutherland.

I remember the afternoons sitting on the outdoor-bench, looking down the hill while chatting endless with my mother that was ill ... Adam allowed me to use their office-phone as much as I felt the need.


Mayor introduced me to cheese-storage-museum.
19 May 2009

Mayor Liemburg of Littenseradiel - our district - contacted a group of volunteers that run the local cheese-storage-museum. The museum which will be reopened this summer. She thought it would be interesting to work with myvillages.org in 2010. So there was a meeting arranged in Wommels on the 14th of May 2009. I learned that day that dairy farming is a very old tradition in the area I grew up. They showed me the building and we talked about our ideas on landscape and farming. Later this year we hope to work things out for 2010.


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