International Village Show
All villages in one place.
February 2016

Höfen - Ballykinlar/Ballykinler - Brezoi - Coniston - Vlassenbroek - Deer Trail - Rûnom Ljouwert - Ekumfi-Ekrawfo - Grafschaft Bentheim - Hinojosa del Valle - Cuevas del Becerro - Zvizzchi - Yang Deng

In 2015/2016 the converted Gartenhaus of Leipzig’s Museum of Contemporary Art is the one place from where to follow what’s going on in the villages: The International Village Show is Myvillages’ first prominent museum solo exhibition.

The exhibition and its parallel program of events will show our actual work during the coming two years, which involves 16 rural communities worldwide. At the Leipzig 'Headquarters' we bring together partners, products and activities from our dispersed rural connections and projects. Instead of creating one artist village, we connect existing rural communities through an ambitious international programme and create a new place for rural issues.

There is much more information on the projetc's website:

Every three months visitors will have the opportunity to explore a new part of the show. Each season features an encounter between two villages or landscapes. In the accompanying programme of events, Myvillages is inviting guests and partners to run and share activities in the Gartenhaus or join trips to the surrounding areas of Leipzig.

The exhibition in the Gartenhaus will be opened February 6, 7pm with the first of eight parts: Ekumfi-Ekrawfo meets Höfen.

The project is funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation.