THE RURAL - Documents of Contemporary Art
(25 February 2020)

Kathrin and Wapke have been editing The Rural and suggest: "If you don’t like monocultures, whether in art or agriculture, you will like this book. The Rural questions and frustrates the current cultural hegemony of the urban ..."

Published in 2019 by Whitechapel Gallery and MIT Press. You can order the book here. Distributor is MIT and Thames&Hudson.


was sein wird
(18 April 2021)
The International Village Shop is part of the show was sein wird. Von der Zukunft zu den Zukünften at Kunsthaus Graz. It includes new goods from Styria, produced within alternative economic models, like the CSA cooperative Solako, a platform for nose-to-tail butchery, Nahgenuss, a big cooperative dedicated to sheep husbandry, Weizer Schafbauern, and others.
In the museum shop, some shop classics like the Romanian stools, Janus die Wolfskerze, the potato sleeper and a colouring book from Perg-Strudengau are available.

10 April - 31 October 2021


(06 May 2021)
The book on THE RURAL SIDE is published on 7 May 2021 with Jap Sam Books.

BOERENZIJ is a project on rural migration and a redrawing of the urban culture, by outline the relationships with land and rural culture. It continues Wapke's work in her local South Rotterdam neighbourhood, where together with more than 150 Rotterdammers, they started to dig up their rural histories, which came together in an exhibition at TENT Rotterdam (2019-2020).

Longread by Anke Bangma and Wapke Feenstra (Dutch) is in their Dialogue Room.