Myvillages was founded by artists Kathrin Böhm (UK/DE), Wapke Feenstra (NL) and Antje Schiffers (DE) in 2003, to advocate for a new understanding of the rural as a place of and for cultural production.

Myvillages’ work addresses the relationship between the rural
and the urban, looking at different forms of production, pre-conceptions and power relationships, whilst passionately questioning the cultural hegemony of the urban. The collective is involved in co-operative projects in various villages and landscapes around the world, with the aim to bring a new dynamism to solidified notions of local resources and production, agriculture and culture, internal and external perception.

Myvillages initiates and organises trans-local and international projects which range from informal presentations to long-term collaborations, from work in private spaces to museum exhibitions, from personal questions to multidisciplinary research and publications, from foraging to building permanent infrastructures.

The fact that all three founders of Myvillages left the village to become artists and later returned as artists to the rural, is not significant in terms of authenticity; it simply explains that we wanted the rural to be part of how we work and think and operate. Not as an exclusive territory but as a shareable cultural ground.

Myvillages is registered as an International Foundation in the Netherlands.