Las bienvenidas están en todas partes
CAAC, Sevilla (ES)
September 2014

New productions for a solo exhibition

Manuel Olveira
Juan Antonio Álvarez Reyes
Raquel López Rodríguez

Antje´s solo exhibition included a lot of her and Myvillages´work in the rural, like Vorratskammer / Pantry (Berlin 2011) or da wo ich war (Chicahuaxtla, México 1998), a one-year-stay in a remote Mexican Village.
New products could be made for the International Village Shop: The nuns of Santa Paula made Seville Orange Marmelade. The famous Cartuja de Sevilla produced a limited edition of Farmers´Chinaware.
Visitors could use the archive of I like being a farmer and I would like to stay one. Two new films for the archive were produced in Andalusia and Extremadura and screened for the first time:
Juan García and Yniguez Ovando