Rural Art Space Symposium
Shrewsbury, Shropshire (UK)
January 2007

The Rural Art Space Symposium was part of the two months programme Why We Left The Village And Came Back.


Kathrin Böhm
Wapke Feenstra
Adrian Plant
Mary White
Antje Schiffers
Matthew Cornford
Clare Cumberlidge
Adam Sutherland

workshop presentations by
Mark Segal
Martin Barlow
Gavin Wade
Mike Pearson
Sue Gainsborough
Amanda Farr
Trudi Graham

School of Art and Design (SAD), University of Wolverhampton
Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery

Where does contemporary practice exist within rural settings? Where does it show and where is it discussed? Where and what is a rural art space?
The one day symposium was the last day in a series of events which looked at existing and potential cultural spaces and spaces for art across Shropshire.
It was organised for a regional audience of practitioners with invited guests from other regions in the UK who are involved in cultural organisations and initiatives in rural settings.

Browse the Rural Art Space website
- to find out more about the overall programme
- to read and follow the presentations given during the morning session
- to find a list of all the partners and contributors involved
- to view the rural art space mappings produced during the day and
- to read feedback on the day.


The symposium was a partnership venture between, Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery, mediamaker and the School of Art and Design (SAD), University of Wolverhampton.

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