RSoE Exhibition, Het Nieuwe Instituut
Rotterdam NL
February 2022

Rural School of Economics on Pushkino, Zvizzchi RU and Zburazh at Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam, marks the launch in NL and online.

Wapke Feenstra
Sandra Fauconnier
Kathrin Böhm
Harry Blackett from An Endless Supply
Sveta Husakova
Anastasia Kamienska
Georgy Nikich
Franciska Zólyom
Charles Esche
Alina Dzeravianka
Indra Gleizde
Charly Blödel
Het Nieuwe Instituut

For the exhibition, Wapke from Myvillages collaborated with the inhabitants of three villages: Zvizzchi and Pushkino in Russia and Zburazh in Belarus, and with artists and cultural managers. The aim was to investigate the nature of rural cultural production and how this is visible in the everyday life of a village. By filming, photographing and drawing together, participants learn to see their environment anew and discover how knowledge is exchanged through intergenerational and trans-local encounters. The photos, drawings and objects show how the villagers, young and old, see and shape their own environment; but can those images be read with our Western European-conditioned eyes?

The exhibition is open from 3 February till 27 March 2022 .

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