June 2021

Compost explores twenty years of Kathrin Böhm's practice, including her work with Myvillages. For six weeks throughout June and July 2021, a cumulation of objects and methodologies filled the gallery and web space.

Kathrin Böhm
The Showroom London

Kathrin worked on-site at The Showroom daily throughout Compost; and in a synthesis of spatial, visual, social and economic processes, the collective act of composting was organised around principles of usership, accessibility, and enacting modes of economic and cooperative sustainability; all guided by an urgent sense of discontinuing ‘business as usual’. For Böhm, Compost in the form it took at The Showroom has been in-the-making for many years, stemming from a deep desire to not just produce, but to process and to carefully consider what to do next: what to continue, what to leave behind, and the need for fundamental shifts grounded by an acknowledgment of our entangled interdependence.

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