Launch Bibliobox website
Wapke's studio, Rotterdam (NL)
June 2006

On Saturday 10th June 2006 the Bibliobox together with its accompanying website were launched at Wapke's studio in Rotterdam, the birthplace of the box.


Wapke Feenstra
Kathrin Böhm
Antje Schiffers
Arienne Boelens
Thomas Sprenger
Veronique Baar
KCO Kunst en Cultuur Overijssel

The Bibliobox (BBBox) is a travelling archive set up by Wapke Feenstra for
The box contains documentation and information about contextual art projects in the rural environment.

The BBBox travels to rural places as an information tool and communicator for existing participatory and contextual art projects, and as a catalyst for discussions about contemporary cultural production in the rural environment.
The box contains films, audio-pieces and printed material that can go on display in any public space that provides a table and a roof. The box is equipped with a CD and DVD player. The BBBox can be ordered via the website All it requires is a local a host and a budget for transport.

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