Former Farmland, Oldenburg
Edith Russ site for Media Art in Oldenburg and tours in the city district Bloherfelde on the Haaren
August 2009

In the context of Landscape 2.0 in Edith-Russ-Medien-Haus in Oldenburg, Northern
Germany, a new local version is produced by Wapke Feenstra. See the renewed website

Wapke Feenstra, Ariënne Boelens, Vodafone R&D, Martin Richartz, artcircolo Munich (D), some former farmersons and daughters of Bloherfelde, storytellers and farmers of the Oldenburg area.
Edith Russ Site

The Oldenburg version of Former Farmland focusses on the underlaying agricultural landscape in the Bloherfelde area.
Former farmland is there part of Landscape 2.0, a show on current landscape concepts and their impact on economic, environmental and socio-political decision-making. A joint project of the Edith Ruß Site for Media Art (Oldenburg) and the Kunstverein Springhornhof (Neuenkirchen near Soltau). Catalog Landschaft 2.0 at Kehrer Verlag.

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