Art & Agriculture Wedding
Kuktivator, Dyested, Oland Sweden
December 2010

Farmdrawings, a new network - pimping the shop aso.

All Wedding Guests...
Campo Adentro

On Saturday 24th of July - the Swedish art and farming group Kultivator organised an artproject that is a wedding between Art & Agriculture. Wapke Feenstra was there from the 21th to prepair wedding events with the group. was offering the project Drawing Farms and planned two Cultural Soil Drillings on the farmland of Kultivator. Which failed due to the weather.
In Kultivators´ farmshop the International Village Shop occupied a special wedding gift shelf with ceramics from Grizedale, cheese from Asuria (Spain) and the known produce from Boxberg, Hoefen and Wjelsryp. took into the International Village Shop the Art and Agriculture porcelain sets made by Kultivator, a printed second hand dinner set used during the Art and Agriculture wedding reception at Kultivator in Dyested, Sweden.

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