XXII Krasnoyarsk Biennale
Krasnoyarsk RU
October 2017

Ceramics made in Zvizzchi travel to Siberia.

Myvillages has a long-standing relationship with the Russian village of Zvizzchi, Kaluga Oblast, a four-hour drive south of Moscow. From 2013-16 first Wapke, then Antje had a look at local production and set up the open source brand Made in Zvizzchi, with for example a shop, a photo chain, the school garden and a wood burning kiln as new means of production. Ceramics made in Zvizzchi in this kiln are on display at the XXII Krasnoyarsk Biennale in Siberia, together with an advertising film for the International Village Shop / Meschdunarodnij Celski Magasin, made with our friends in Zvizzchi.

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