Confectie Boxes
Dedemsvaart NL
July 2016

A product developed with volunteers and gardeners from Tuinen Mien Ruys

Tuinen Mien Ruys
Corrie Schulte, Danny Snoeijer, Jaap Dijkstra, Lucie Harkema, Monique Bruins Slot, Ria Brandwagt
Design: Gabi Altevers
Antje and Wapke

Mien Ruys was a famous dutch garden and landscape architect. In her hometome Dedemsvaart, her experimental garden is carried on as a national garden monument. Mien Ruys had the desire to make good design accessible for many. She developed the Confectie Borders, small standard gardens as inspiration for people who did not have much experience or the money for a landscape architect. She was not intersted in drawing from plentiful ressources, but rather in experimentation: a shade garden, a yellow garden, adapting the choice of plants to the local soil.

In keeping with these ideas, the Confectie Boxes were produced, combinations of seeds for particular conditions: Sunny Box, Shadow Box, Acid Box, Chalky Box, Bee Box.