Produktivgesellschaft Dannenberg mbH
Dannenberg, Brandenburg (DE)
October 2017

Produktivgesellschaft Dannenberg
Jens Petermann, Skadi Petermann, Florian, Sascha Leeske, Thomas Winkelkotte, Lars Fischer

Produktivgesellschaft Dannenberg is a 750 ha farm with 13 employees, milk production and meat sold in a farm shop. After facing severe problems with soil erosion, it is now in a transformation process to become a Demeter-certified organic farm.
The film was done by Skadi Petermann and her friend Florian, at the time apprentices on the farm. It is the only film in the archive not edited professionally, but by the farmers / filmers themselves.

I did this barter trade on invititation and with the support of Provinziale - the Eberswalde Film Festival. It was shown as part of a Long Night of FarmersĀ“Films, including the Myvillages International Schnaps Bar.