I like being a farmer and I would like to stay one - in a book
St├Ądtische Galerie Nordhorn & argobooks Berlin
January 2010

Exhibition from December 2009 until January 2010.
And a book about the travels so far.

All farmers and institutes involved can be found in the book.

Antje Schiffers and Thomas Sprenger made a book about the project "I like being a farmer and I would like to stay one". It was published in January 2010, during the last week of their exhibition in the St├Ądtische Galerie Nordhorn. The show and the book focus on all European travels so far. The book is brick-thick and contains stills and texts from all the videos the farmers made, reproductions of the paintings Antje made of the farms, images and reports from the travels and a complete table with all the events of the project.
258 pages in German and English with more than 300 coulor pictures, 19 images sticked in by hand and a leather cover, ISBN 978-3-941560-57-4, argobooks, Berlin.
Web: www.argobooks.de