Fanas Products
Fanas, Pr├Ąttigau, Switzerland
May 2010

To start a new product development in the village of Fanas Antje and Thomas opened two two-hour-village-shops in the village shop.

Christian und Beatrice Gerber
Gabriel Duff, Gemeindeschreiber Fanas
Museum in Bewegung

Every year from 2008 until 2014 Antje and Thomas are working in the village of Fanas in the Pr├Ąttigau in Switzerland. This spring they started a new product development by opening the International Village Shop in the local, community-owned supermarket. Butterspoons were sold and Lawson Park seeds, . A first product idea was born: A manual on how to carve the Fanas Arrow, a wooden Arrow that can easily be made and flies minimum 50 meters if it is made properly.